There will always be technology challenges in such unprecedented times fortunately, Little Shadow has been built from the ground up with a robust infrastructure for remote working which is enabling us to manage all our internal staff and key freelancers’ access to the company’s full pipeline in a safe, secure and speedy manner.

We are taking this time be reacquaint ourselves with what is important, coming together to support and share, to be positive and focus our minds on what we love, and get creative.

Here are some things that might get your creative juices flowing….

Stock material seems to of had a bad reputation for being perhaps the poor relative to a bespoke shoot. It’s just not true, there is a plethora of incredible material across every genre and effect out there now that there will be something that fits your requirements. The story doesn’t stop there you can do so much more to breathe life into those images or clips using integrated digital elements, projections, parallax shift and layered effects.

Shooting products, whether they are automotive or perfume, pharmaceutical or fashion, big or small practical photography has always been the premium mark of any bespoke project.  Not being able to shoot your products right now does not mean that your next deadline cannot be met.

Creating your product in a digital form would allow you to use a virtual studio to layout and light your products, be it stills or motion. If you are feeling adventurous step outside the studio and build a virtual environment to showcase your product. Bringing many advantages to traditional shooting the virtual production will not suffer from the weather or changes in light but bring a world of environments together all in one place. Reshoots are but a button click away.

An idea or design concept can be so hard to define with near infinite ways to create it. By applying some simple guidelines we can rapidly narrow down the most effective options available to develop those ideas.

From clean and simple to the complex and intricate, whether it’s elegantly traditional or beautifully abstract, a range of design tools in 2D, 2.5D or 3D can help your ideas take form.

We would love to connect with you and collaborate to find a creative path to your ideas.

Our team is on hand to talk through all options that will best suit your projects requirements, if you have any questions, please contact us at or call us on 07977520690.