About Us

Over the last 5 years Little Shadow has grown in size and reputation. But we as artists have been crafting visuals for industry leaders for over two decades. We are enjoying the creative projects that our clients bring and aspire to continue along this path for the foreseeable future

Simon Percy
Simon has been working in the industry for over 2 decades. Starting his career editing music videos, honing storytelling skills through creative visuals which sparked his passion into visual effects and animation. In 2000, Simon started Darkside Animation where he ran the day to day operations of the studio. There he refined his craft building pipelines and running artists across an array of premium film and television projects for Universal, MGM, Discovery, ITV and the BBC. Never losing touch with the team and sight of the tools and processes that enable the work to be created. Simon would regularly be found working on the productions he was running an integral part of is knowing what is possible and how to achieve it.
Caroline Phasey
Creative Director
Caroline started her career, working at the post-production giant Molinare where she very swiftly found her niche within the GFX department. Working with broadcast and film clients creating 2D & 3D animations for titles and visual effects, before favouring her fine art and graphic design skills to build on the direction of motion graphics projects. Caroline likes nothing more than to push creative boundaries. Working along Simon for two decades they share a deep passion for generating the very best creative they can and sits at the very core of the company’s ethos.
Amber Woodcock
Senior Producer
Starting out as a researcher Amber has worked her way through the production ranks, gaining valuable insights into the process of creating something from nothing. With a passion for creative projects she takes the time to ensure the team is fully armed with the information and tools they need to be enable each project to reach its full visual potential. Amber is instrumental in the day to day operation of the company and with a very keen eye for quality. Amber’s creative flare can always be seen in each project she touches.
Claire Plaskow
New Business Development
With a career in Broadcast/TV and Animation Production spanning over 25 yrs, Claire boasts a dynamic producing career. Having worked in both New York and London, she has led the growth of three award-winning studios including Attik NY, Lumiere Studios LND and her own company, Beautiful TV. Claire’s work includes commercials, broadcast, and corporate projects, all marked by award-winning content. Her enduring passion for dynamic graphics and commitment to client relationships define her ethos – honesty, trustworthiness, and kindness. She also likes to talk!
Greg Cox
Senior Artist
The bedrock of any company is those that can handle any creative and technical challenges that may be thrown their way. Greg has perfected his skills across a wide range of disciplines in the entertainment industry, starting his career in games and moving to broadcast and film. His ethos of understanding core skills has allowed him to gain a vast knowledge across design, animation and visual effects.
Kirk Smith
Lead Artist
With a background of technical design, Kirk has worked his way through the ranks touching every part of the production process. Questioning and scrutinising every frame being created. Kirk’s design ethic and out of the box thinking leads to very exciting creative places. His meticulous attention to detail and desire to create the very best visuals remains his core strength. Like so many artists, Kirk is one of those who’s work is never complete, just a line drawn under when approved.
Lucas Zoltowski
Senior VFX Artist
From a very young age Lucas has been drawn to the creation of digital art, backed by a strong scientific background, he found himself combining technology with his art. After graduating Bachelors in Film and Animation from Bournemouth, Lucas started his career honing his skills in all aspects of design and 3d from concept to finishing with his clear love of physics and simulations never far away. Throughout his career, Lucas passion for his craft is infectious. Leading him to found design departments in two agencies, work on live events and featuring in numerous publications. Underpinned by an obsessive passion for film, Lucas’s broad, multi genre knowledge in designs and his analytical approach to every production challenge is evident with each project that he works on.
August Abrahamsson
Junior Motion Graphics Artist
August infuses a playful touch into his designs, enriching them with a distinct charm. He continues to evolve within the industry, exploring his creative boundaries and refining his craft. His passion lies in crafting engaging animated stories across various styles and techniques, always striving to captivate his audience. Grounded in a vibrant palette and dynamic shape language, his work aims to spark imagination and leave a lasting impression.
Garry Brown
About coming soon!
Jonny Burton
In his early days, a background in graphic design and film along with a love of title sequences inspired Jonny to pursue the path of Motion Design, studying Design for Moving Image at Ravensbourne University. With over a decade of professional experience in the industry, a hunger for knowledge and a passion for self improvement has driven him into the world of 3D and visual effects, which has further enabled his love of making beautiful visuals move.
Hamish MacLeod
Hamish is an experienced Production Coordinator with a wealth of experience in advertising and episodic production. Starting at the age of 17 as a runner he has experienced different roles on the production ladder. Having a huge passion for the industry from a young age drives him to bring professionalism and creativity to every project he works on.

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