A Real Bug’s Life

Plimsoll Productions
National Geographic/Disney+

We embark on an extraordinary journey into a realm beyond imagination in ‘A Real Bug’s Life,’ where existence unfolds on a vastly different scale, and tiny beings depend on incredible abilities to navigate their daily lives.

We were privileged to be brought in at the very beginning of the project and to work alongside the production team to develop methods and pipelines to bring the micro world of bugs to the big screen. Our biggest challenge was trying to direct the performances from the little actors, often when the camera wasn’t turning over they would put in Oscar-worthy performances. Therefore one of the many tasks we were given was to piece together the performances from multiple takes.

The final shots included an array of techniques from photo stacking, keying, clean-ups, tracking, stabilizing, and wire removals to simulations, multi-layering live elements, and digital augmentations. The beautiful punchy grade added the finishing touches to the visuals, complemented by Awkwafina’s delightful and captivating narration, which added a charming touch to the stories.

Season 1 – Aired on Disney + on the 24th January 2024.