Gold: A Journey With Idris Elba

Pioneer Productions
World Gold Council

In this documentary we delve into the significant influence of gold and its effects on various cultures, economies, and societies in the 21st century. Golden Globe-winning English actor, director, musician, and producer, Idris Elba, invites viewers on a worldwide adventure, spanning from Ghana to South Africa and Canada to London. Elba explores our enduring fascination with gold, the most valuable and cherished of all metals.

We really enjoyed exploring and developing ways to bring the story of San Fransisco to life. With only a few reference photos from the 1800s we had to recreate the small rural settlement, then, as the ships arrives into the bay we built up the city into the urban metropolis that can be seen today. We used various 2D and 3d effects to help bring realism to the journey. We also depict a timelapse history of the Reefton mine, along with a detailed 3D rock structure showing seams of gold inclusions and tiny specs of other metals.