Mother Undercover

Pioneer Productions
Hulu (ABC) and Disney+

Little Shadow’s contribution to the project “Undercover Mother” was an exceptional collaboration with Pioneer Productions from the start. 

Little Shadow’s involvement in the creation of graphics for “Undercover Mother” was a multi-layered and comprehensive endeavor, covering various elements crucial to the narrative’s visual representation.

The different areas we produced are:

  • Social media recreations 
  • Phone screen recreations 
  • Multiple styles of maps
  • Hierarchy timelines
  • Website recreations
  • Transcripts
  • Time and Date stamps

We wanted to make sure our graphics complimented the great programme making by Pioneer Productions and were era-specific, to make sure the audience were fully immersed in these powerful stories of powerful women through the decades.

Season 1 – Aired on Disney + February 2024.